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That’s affirmative. As part of Bingo Liner’s continual quest of bringing players closer to winning thousands of dollars in real cash prizes and online. Bingo Liner is giving away one free $30 sign-up bonus (no deposit or credit card required) – for slots and bingo – to every newly registered player that downloads Bingo Liner’s and completes their Bingo Liner registration.

With that being said, if you would like to see physical evidence that playing at Bingo Liner can (and does) result in sudden economic windfalls, then take a look at the following testimonials from actual Bingo Liner winners…

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JadeSwan  won  $2,500  playing  at  Bingo Liner

Hi there, my name’s JadeSwan and I love playing at I’ve been playing there for about 5 years. I love it because the games are real, the money is real, the jackpots are real, and the players are real. I’ve won four jackpots. The biggest was $2,500 US. It took only three days to hit my bank account. So why don’t you make a small deposit and come ‘n play with us! Maybe you could be the next jackpot winner at ”
– JadeSwan
Natali  won  $2,025  on    at  Bingo Liner

Hi! I’m Natali P. and I just won $2,025 on Bingo Liner’s Jungle Fever. And I plan on spending the money on my wedding! Woo hoo! ”
– Natali
Anonymous Player  won  $1,102  on  Captain’s Corner  at  Bingo Liner

Hi, on Saturday, December the 8th, I was preparing for a Christmas party plus I was playing Captain’s Corner bingo, the ten cent games… and my wager was a dollar. And when I was busy preparing the food, I had gone back to my computer to buy for the next game and saw that I won the Progressive Jackpot and it was the diving board game. And I won… it was in 25 numbers and I got it in 24… and I won $1,102. And with this, I’m going to use it towards Christmas expenses. So, it was a nice Christmas present. Merry Christmas to all of you. ”
– Anonymous Player
crash274  won  $1,000  on    at  Bingo Liner

crash274 talking to you about bingo. I’m talking about online bingo. I love bingo! Sick of the bingo halls… and I’ve found this great site, That’s right! Real bingo, real money, real prizes. I have won so many different little games. I continue to play, weekly, I love it! They have free games, casino games, and one of my favourite is Jungle Fever, and I recently won $1,000, and I was like… Yay! Woo hoo! I get to go Christmas shopping. So I’m telling you… if you love bingo, try it. Thanks! Bye. ”
– crash274
Bethany16  won  11  Jackpots  playing  at  Bingo Liner

Hi, I’m Kathy – better known as Bethany16 – and I love Bingoliner. I’ve been a member of Bingoliner since April 2006 and have been playing constantly. I really enjoy it. The best I’ve ever done is 11 jackpots in [inaudible] – that was really exciting. So, YOU too can play Bingoliner. Go to and join me in the rooms. It’s free to try and a lot of fun. Bye! ”
– Bethany16
Agent_Love  has  been  playing  at  Bingo Liner  for  years

Hi everyone, I want to talk to you about why you should go to The reason I love Bingo Liner… I’ve been there for years… I love slot machines and they have tons to choose from and they’re a lot of fun. There’s always bonus features, extra spins… it’s awesome. Plus, you get free bingo, there’s pull-tabs, there’s keno, and it’s all at the privacy of your own home. How can you get any better than that? Plus, they always have CM’s giving you extra money… there’s free games… all sorts of stuff. So, everyone should check out Bingo Liner at and you might see me – Agent_Love! So have a good day everyone. Bye. ”
– Agent_Love
dyirul  won  2  Jackpots  on    at  Bingo Liner

Hiii, I’m dyirul. I love bingo. My favourite place to play is….. Bingoliner!!! Because its the only place I have ever in my entire bingo life won a JACKPOT! Actually now I have won two Jackpots at Bingoliner! This is how you can win bingo at Bingoliner. Look how easy it is to win a bingo at BINGOLINER! Lets speed things up for now…. Now watch this . So thank you Bingoliner. You’re the best! ”
– dyirul
2broke2wait  won  a  Jackpot  playing  at  Bingo Liner

Hi, I’m 2broke2wait. And if you like to play and chat, go to I’ve played at Bingo Liner for a couple of years and it’s a blast. I’ve won a jackpot, met a lot of great people, lots of fun, and it’s the only way I can get to watch hockey if I can just send the wife over to play. Thank you Bingo Liner. ”
– 2broke2wait
tchenail  says  his  best  game  at  Bingo Liner  is  

Hi everyone. I wanna talk to you about my Bingo Liner experience that I have lately. So, we live here in Canada and it’s very far from everything. So when you just deposit like $20 on Bingo Liner, you can play almost a week if you want. And no need gas, no nothing, just enjoy it. You just take your computer and you play with your friends. You can have a chat with the people on the site. That’s very exciting when we can share with other countries and other people. And my best game I think is Pyramid of Cash. That’s the one I always play when I don’t play bingo. So, I hope everybody’s gonna have a nice experience like I have and enjoy the time. I think it’s one of the best. Thank you and have a nice day. ”
– tchenail
polarbear69  says  Bingo Liner  is  so  much  fun

Hi, this is polarbear69 and I love to play bingo and casino games. I found this site at – it’s so much fun. Bingo games, casino games, chat games, even free games. I love to be able to stay home and play any time I’d like. So if you’re interested in bingo, check it out: ”
– polarbear69
cathey26  won  a  Cash Prize  playing  at  Bingo Liner

[This video is private. Please sign in to view this video.] ”
– cathey26

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